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Out of Exile: Narratives from the Abducted and Displaced People of Sudan Curriculum

In Out of Exile, Sudanese men and women recount stories of life before their displacement as well as stories of fleeing conflict and persecution. In these lesson plans, the stories and discussion questions for Out of Exile create an opening for students to explore firsthand the internal and external struggles that exiled persons or refugees face. They also allow for an exploration of Sudanese culture and identity, and the benefits and challenges of sharing one’s own story. Students will explore the following questions:

  • How do you define home? What is it like to have to leave your home, family, and country? 
  •  Do the terms refugee or exile resonate with you personally? If so, how?

Grades: High school

Time Needed: Three class periods


  • Students will use literary analysis and visual storytelling to increase understanding about exiles and refugees

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This riveting collection of 17 narratives puts a human face on the human-rights tragedy of Sudan. Students of global studies and international relations will find an abundance of research information in the excellent appendices, but the heart and soul of the book is most certainly in the heart-wrenching narratives of these people.

Paula Dacker
for School Library Journal

About the Oral Histories

Millions of people have fled from conflicts and persecution in all parts of the Northeast African country of Sudan, and many thousands more have been enslaved as the result of war. Here, in their own words, men and women recount life before their displacement and the reasons for their flight, and provide insight on the major stations of the “refugee railroads”: the desert camps of Khartoum, the underground communities of Cairo, the humanitarian metropolis of Kakuma refugee camp, and the still-growing internally displaced persons camps in Darfur. Included are stories of escapes from the wars in Darfur and South Sudan, from political and religious persecution, and from abduction by paramilitary groups.

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