Community Projects

Oral history can democratize storytelling and contribute to narrative change. Sharing first-person stories from individuals and communities—in their own words—illuminates issues and events in a profoundly powerful way. We’ve seen oral history build connections, heal and support storytellers themselves, and advance justice through education and advocacy.

Oral history has a wide range of benefits and applications. Voice of Witness has worked with many different groups, organizations, educators, and practitioners in diverse fields to harness ethical storytelling to support their work.

Through partnerships, we are better able to carry out our mission of amplifying the stories of people impacted by—and fighting against—injustice. By supporting partners to use personal narrative and oral history for change, we aim to inform long-term efforts to advance human rights and dignity. We envision a future where historically silenced communities’ stories are documented and uplifted in order to create a more inclusive, just world.

Recent Projects

Underground Scholars Initiative

We’re partnering on a storytelling project with the Underground Scholars Initiative (USI), an academic support program that creates pathways for incarcerated, formerly incarcerated, and system-impacted individuals to higher education.

The project will amplify the first-person stories of students impacted by the carceral system, highlighting the barriers they still face and building community to reduce isolation.

East Bay Sanctuary Covenant

We have supported EBSC, an immigrant justice organization, in storytelling efforts for campaigns related to Temporary Protected Status, sanctuary cities, climate migration, Maya Mam community members, and more.

We have led multiple oral history trainings for the EBSC community, resulting in messages and stories that serve as effective strategic tools for immigration justice campaigns.

Koreatown Youth and Community Center

Voice of Witness collaborated with KYCC, a community-based organization in Los Angeles, to develop their Koreatown Storytelling Project, which focused on intergenerational story sharing between elders and high school students, and to create a collection of oral histories about the community history of LA’s MacArthur Park.

We led capacity building for their staff and community members through oral history trainings and curricular support.

More Collaborations in Action

Sequoia Living
Voice of Witness created an intergenerational storytelling project between Sequoia Living, a senior housing and services nonprofit, and local middle and high schoolers.
UCSF Memory and Aging Center
We conducted ethics-driven oral history trainings to increase health practitioners’ capacity for empathy and active listening, and supported their storytelling projects and events to build community and reduce stigma.
Warrior Women Project
We provided training for members of the Warrior Women Project to build interview skills and prepare to record stories from Indigenous elders at the 50th anniversary of the American Indian Movement’s Occupation of Wounded Knee.
League of Women Voters
We facilitated a workshop for the League of Women Voters on the power of oral history and how they can use ethical, non-extractive storytelling practices in their own work promoting democracy and civic engagement.

Work With Us

Voice of Witness offers expert storytelling and program support to organizations, educators, advocates, foundations, artists, and more. These collaborations harness the power of oral history to promote empathy, community, learning, and action. We work with clients to develop customized, interactive projects, workshops, and activities, using our award-winning oral history methodology to advance your mission.

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