Lesson Plan: Introduction to Oral History & VOW Values
This single lesson plan defines ‘oral history’ and introduces VOW’s principles for collecting and sharing stories in an ethical manner.

Lesson Plan: Oral History Found Poem
This two-day lesson plan guides students through creating a sensory details-focused found poem using an oral history interview as source material.

Lesson Plan: Journeys and Migration Model Interview
This single lesson plan uses a model interview to demonstrate creating safe and brave spaces by asking open-ended and follow-up questions.

Lesson Plan: Jobs & Careers Interview
This single-day lesson plan guides students through preparing for an interview around the theme of jobs and careers.

Lesson Plan: Artifact Interview
This single lesson plan guides students through an oral history interview about an artifact of personal or cultural significance.

Lesson Plan: Getting to Know You Interview
This single lesson plan supports students having relationship-building conversations in preparation for successful oral history interviews.

Lesson Plan: Family, Culture, and Traditions Interview
This single lesson plan prepares students for an oral history interview with a family or community member about culture and traditions.

Beginning Again: Stories of Movement and Migration in Appalachia Curriculum
These lessons explore oral histories that examine the complexities of why people leave, why people stay, and and the systems that interact with individual choice. The curriculum is rooted in an Ethnic Studies framework that questions dominant narratives and promotes critical thinking around not only the Appalachian region, but migration and displacement in general.

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