Many of VOW’s books would not have been possible without the tireless dedication of volunteer researchers, interviewers, transcribers, translators, grant writers, photographers, and designers, whose names and contributions can be found on our volunteer network page.

As Voice of Witness has evolved, we’ve shifted away from using volunteers, especially for transcription, interviewing, translation, and research. We feel this change better aligns with our mission and commitment to equity. We understand that asking people to volunteer excludes many who cannot afford to work for free. Instead, we’ve committed to, as needed, actively seek out paid freelancers from marginalized communities.

We do occasionally have volunteer opportunities with our Communications, Community Partnerships, or Development departments. If you have relevant skill sets and areas of interest (e.g. graphic design, media/press outreach, video/podcast editing, etc.), please reach out to Rebecca McCarthy at rebecca@voiceofwitness.org. Give a brief description of how you can assist us and how much time you can give. Please provide a resume whenever possible.

If you are interested in joining the Voice of Witness board of directors or the education advisory, learn more here.

If you are interested in donating to or financially supporting any of VOW’s projects, please contact Colleen Hammond at colleen@voiceofwitness.org


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