About VOW Consulting

Through our consulting and services, Voice of Witness offers expert storytelling and program support to educators, nonprofit organizations, social justice advocates, foundations, and more. These consultancies emphasize the power of sharing stories and promote empathy, understanding, and action by building strong connections between people and communities. We work with clients to develop customized, interactive projects, workshops, and activities, using VOW’s award-winning oral history methodology to advance their missions and promote positive social change. Note: To account for the current difficulties posed during the COVID-19 crisis, VOW is able to adapt certain offerings and consultancies to operate virtually. Please contact us for more information.

Past Consultancy Partners


826 Valencia

Aim High

Alliance for Girls

Amos Alonzo Stagg High School

Bronx Documentary Center

Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund

Haverford College

Koreatown Youth and Community Center

Magnum Foundation

Oakland Unified School District

PUENTE Project

San Francisco Unified School District

Sequoia Living

The Sojourn Project

Stanford Human Rights Law Clinic

Tibetan Resettlement Stories

University of California San Francisco Memory and Aging Center, Global Brain Health Institute

University of San Francisco School of Education

The Whitman Institute

1. Workshops and Trainings:

Short 2 hour facilitated workshops or full-day trainings to help your organization with:

  • Guided oral history-based activities to promote empathy, active listening, and inclusion in your work
  • Storytelling projects to partner with and amplify the voices of your constituents
  • Development of advocacy, communications, and fundraising materials that best share your organization’s story

2. Educator Support:

Voice of Witness has extensive experience working with schools and organizations to create curricula and activities that increase student engagement in the classroom, including:

  • Curriculum design that promotes social and emotional learning
  • Oral history projects that address the need for inclusive, culturally relevant, arts-based learning
  • Program development to support English Language Learners
  • Programs for community engagement

3. In-depth Engagements and Projects:

Voice of Witness staff excels at applying our oral history methodology to support organizations seeking to amplify the voices of the people and communities they serve. We will work with you to develop and guide in-depth storytelling projects that expand on the workshops, trainings, and/or curricular support examples. Below, learn about three sample past consultancy engagements.

Consultancies in Action

Click each dropdown to learn more about three of our ongoing consultancies.

San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD):
Since 2018, the VOW Education Program has collaborated with SFUSD teachers and librarians to bring VOW’s human rights oral history books and methodology to middle and high schools around the city. The consultancy began with professional development sessions inviting teacher-librarians and classroom educators from school sites, which grew into curricular units and oral history projects developed with ongoing educator support from the VOW Education team. Thirteen teachers and teacher-librarians at six schools have received support from VOW so far. The projects have included photo essays