Our DIY guide offers strategies and resources for creating justice-driven oral history projects.

Oral history is a universal form of storytelling. For many years Voice of Witness has shared powerful stories of people impacted by injustice with a broad audience of readers. Say It Forward extends this work, offering a DIY guide for social justice storytelling that outlines the critical methodology at the core of Voice of Witness’s evocative oral history collections. 

What’s Inside?

  • Information, strategies, and steps to address power discrepancies, awareness of cultural norms, insider/outsider dynamics, self-care for interviewers, and more
  • An extensive resource section for oral history, community storytelling, media options for sharing stories, community-organizing resources, and clinical psychology resources related to traumatic stories and self-care
  • Field reports exemplifying how to harness the power of personal narrative to expose larger issues of inequality

“A vital guide from a vital organization, and it couldn’t come at a more critical time.”

Lauren Markham, author of The Far Away Brothers

Field Report Contributors Include:

Beyond the Book: Connecting More Deeply

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