Call for Narrators for a New Oral History Project: Stories of Resettlement in Appalachia

Voice of Witness is seeking people who want to tell their stories about resettlement in Appalachia.

For an upcoming oral history project, Resettled: Narratives of Beginning (Again) in Appalachia, Voice of Witness is looking for individuals who have a story to tell about their resettlement experience in the Appalachia region.

People living in and moving to rural Appalachia embody diverse experiences and cultures. Whether you (and your family) have lived in the region a short time or for generations, we want to know about your journey(s) of resettlement. This project is focused on countering stereotypes about the Appalachia region and the people who make it their home.

Resettled will share untold stories of displacement, refugees, and community integration in an area not known for its resettlement efforts. Between xenophobic rhetoric, decreasing funds for resettlement, and a continued focus on rural Appalachia as a place of poverty and strife, understanding these stories is critically important.

If you are interested in telling your story or would like additional information, please contact Katrina Powell, the project editor:

Katrina Powell is a Professor of Rhetoric and Writing at Virginia Tech and the founding director of the Center for Refugee, Migrant, and Displacement Studies.

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