Project Description

Voice of Witness collaborated with Solito, Solita narrators Soledad Castillo, Gabriel Mendez, and various community education partners to create a set of lesson plans that are culturally relevant for students who have direct experience with the issues presented in the book, as well as students and teachers encountering them for the first time.

In these lesson plans, we invite teachers and students to deepen their understanding of migration, asylum, and refugees through the lens of personal narrative. The goal of the lessons is to humanize the narrators in the book, and challenge students to think critically about what they believe about Central American refugees. We have designed the curriculum to be as flexible and inclusive as possible for older middle school, high school, and college students. The lessons can be done as a unit, individually, or as separate activities. We have included tips and strategies to support English language learners and Special Education students, as well as a preface for teachers that offers suggestions and strategies for creating a more open and respectful learning space before engaging in the lessons.

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