Voice of Witness offers oral history trainings, workshops, and curricular support to a wide variety of educators, non-profit organizations, social justice advocates, foundations, and more. We also offer “high touch, high impact” consultancy engagements for clients seeking more in-depth support. Our interactive process introduces the skills, ethics, and social significance of creating oral history. VOW’s methodology has been used to train a broad range of advocates for human rights and dignity, including educators, writers, journalists, attorneys, and medical doctors.

Each consultancy is tailored to the client’s needs, which might include:

  • Using storytelling to amplify the voices of the constituents you serve
  • Consulting on curricular resources
  • Learning how to best understand and share your organization’s work
  • Developing specific storytelling projects
  • Using oral history as a means to develop community partnerships and events


Consultancy costs (planning, materials, transportation, and facilitation) and timelines are determined on a case-by-case basis, in order for us to be as inclusive as possible and serve a broad range of schools and organizations.

For more information, please contact Education Program Director Cliff Mayotte.