Attention Educators: Are you currently using books from Voice of Witness in your classroom?

If so, then we’d like to hear from you! Let us know how Voice of Witness books fit into your curriculum. Please contact Education Program Director Cliff Mayotte: cliff.mayotte@voiceofwitness.com. Thanks!

Our books are taught in schools across the country, including CUNY, Brown University, Bentley School and San Francisco State University. Below are some of the curricula we’ve developed with the help of Bay Area teacher Lisa Morehouse for past Voice of Witness books.

This year we have partnered with Facing History to develop the Voice of Witness Education Program. We aim to create teaching resources, workshops, lesson plans and classroom strategies to support teachers interested in using Voice of Witness books with their students. The pilot program launched in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2010 and we’re in the process of expanding.

Voices from the Storm

The Voices from the Storm lesson plan was tested in Cheryl Nelson’s 10th grade English classes at Balboa High School in San Francisco. Please feel free to download the entire lesson plan here, or browse it below.


Note to Teachers

A. Day 1 Lesson
B. Talk to the Text
C. Metacognitive Reflections Worksheet
D. Warm-up Day 1
E. 4 Corners Signs
F. Expert Group Worksheet
G. Model for Presentation Chart Paper


A. Day 2 Lesson
B. Warm-up Day 2
C. Presentation Note Taker
D. Homework Day 2


A. Day 3 Lesson
B. Warm-up Day 3
C. Jigsaw Group Worksheet
D. Homework Day 3


A. Day 4 Lesson
B. Persuasive Letter Assignment
C. Persuasive Writing Rubric

D. Business Letter Format (pdf)

E. Persuasive Letter Outline


A. Note to Teachers
B. Reader Response Sheet

Surviving Justice

Also developed by Lisa Morehouse, the following Surviving Justice-based plan is available for download here, or for browsing below.


Note to Teachers

A. Day 1 Lesson
B. Scenario Worksheet Warm-Up
C. Questionnaire Day 1

D. Centers Worksheet

E. Talk to the Text

F. Metacognitive Reflections Worksheet


A. Day 2 (Day 3 of week-long course) Plans
B. Peer Problem Solving Worksheet
C. SJ Exoneree Worksheet
D. Model Exoneree Chart
E. Talk to the Text
F. Day 2/Day 3 Homework


A. Day 3 (Day 4 of week-long course) Plans
B. Presentation Notetaker
C. Fishbowl Questions
D. Fishbowl Scorekeeping Rules
E. Day 3 Homework


A. Day 4 (Day 5 of week-long course) Plans
B. Stand up, Sit down Statements
C. Know Your Rights Card (pdf)

Oral History Lesson Plan

Our first lesson plan was developed by Lisa Morehouse, an amazing teacher with a great deal of experience in teaching oral history techniques to high school students. This lesson plan provides the framework for teachers interested in conducting an oral history project with their students.

Here is the lesson plan, in its entirety [zip file]. It includes the following sections:

1. Note to Teachers
2. Teaching Questions for Interviews
3. Oral History Unit Assignment
4. Oral History Check List
5. Planning Sheet
6. Preparing Transcript
7. Reading for Follow-Up Questions
8. Editing Your Transcript
9. Creating an Oral History
10. Final Stages
11. Reflection