The Voice of Witness Education Program brings the narratives and issues from our book series into classrooms throughout the U.S. through the dynamic curricula we create for each book.

We have seen firsthand how Voice of Witness stories resonate with students, inspiring compassion, outrage, and a deep connection to what it is to be human. By engaging with VOW curricula, students discover their own voices and their own relationship to social justice and human rights issues in their communities and around the world.

All of our curricula is Common Core-aligned, and reflect our educational goals:

  • communication
  • critical thinking
  • literacy
  • cultural competency

Lesson plans are adaptable for a variety of students in a variety of educational settings, though they are written with students grades 9-12 in mind. Click here to learn more about VOW and Common Core, and consider starting a VOW book club with your students or colleagues.

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Topics such as exile and displacement, racial inequality, activism, and many of the others listed below are present throughout nearly all of the books in our series. However, we have organized the curricula below based on the themes and topics specifically addressed in the lesson plans.