Art Practical Profiles ‘Refugee Hotel’ Photographer Gabriele Stabile

“Stabile documents lives, not events…Stabile has imbued the image with a sense of intimacy. I see the subject as a man with emotions, fears, desires, successes, and shortcomings; I do not see a statistic, one person out of thirty-five million [refugees].”

This week, Art Practical published a fantastic profile on Gabriele Stabile, photographer of Refugee Hotel, as part of their Visiting Artist Profile series. Refugee Hotel is a groundbreaking collection of photography and interviews that documents the arrival of refugees in the United States and the newest title in the Voice of Witness series. Evocative images are coupled with moving testimonies from people describing their first days in the U.S., the lives they’ve left behind, and the new communities they’ve since created.

To read the full piece on Art Practical, click here.

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To learn more about Refugee Hotel and to order a copy on the McSweeney’s site, click here.

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